Barnsley Supporters

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board ARCHIVE' started by Homer, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. To all the true supporters who went to the match tonight what a game to watch. With the football we are producing and the work rate, there is no way we are going down. We do not look a relegation side. To all the SO called supporters who whine on here about ticket prices, give it a rest, the club has reduced the prices and you still don,t come. All excuses, 7800 is a joke. The team is playing its heart out for us and you cannot be bothered to come, but you will all be on here moaning and slagging everyone off. Your all website supporters, get off your arses and support your team.
  2. Hit nail on head thea.
  3. Cheers Homer. I'm a season ticket holder posting this from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Because I couldn't be arsed to go tonight, I, d be grateful if a true supporter would post a match report

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