Chris Hutchings is Dannys new assistant manager

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board ARCHIVE' started by Gally, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. On the official site now.
  2. Excellent. Although I thought he died a few years ago. Looking forward to his debates about God.
  3. I don't think anyone would've expected that. Welcome Chris, hope your stay is a long and successful one.
  4. Hope he isn't on Hemsy's "list."
  5. No comment.:)
  6. Will be next Barnsley Manager. Just watch.
  7. He is now !!
  8. Absolutely.:D
  9. Wasn't he very successful as number 2 with Paul Jewell?
  10. Yes he was, mate. Less so when taking over from him at both Bradford & Wigan.
  11. Yeah seem to remember him struggling when taking over as manager, seems well respected in football. Let's hope he has some new ideas and can push us forward.
  12. Seems to do well as a number 2 but no good as manager.
  13. He certainly seems to be a good number 2 and, seeing as that's the position he been brought in to do, I think it looks (on the surface) to be a good appointment. Some folk are better suited to being an assistant and Chris Hutchings appears to be one of those. Fresh face & fresh approach hopefully.
  14. Excellent appointment

    Worked wonders with Paul Jewell at Bradford and Wigan.

    Never cut it as a manager, but a very well respected coach and will be great in assisting Danny.

    Six points better off by this time next week #WIAWW
  15. Yup, this could well be a good appointment, mate. I've not heard his name mentioned by anyone with respect to being part of Danny's back up team.
  16. fingers crossed he makes a difference.
  17. Good, experienced appointment. Hopefully he can provide some of that new manager bounce that we missed when DW came in due to the lack of a complete clean sweep of staff.
  18. Agreed, mate.
  19. Walking in a wilson wonderland.....the fat lady is about to enter rehearsals

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