Come on England

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  1. Make a good day a great day.

    Swing low sweet chariot....
  2. Except for Carlisle losing like.
  3. Shhhh.

    They weren't the only team to let me down today. Standard Saturday on the football betting.
  4. I'm not betting on the rugby though that's for sure. Although I should have a few quid on Wales really.
  5. Got absolutely no interested in this game other than how Sam Burgess does
  6. Thanks for sharing your non-interest.
  7. It's a pleasure, hope it was interesting reading

  8. Me too, kick kick kick . Boring as fcuk
  9. Rather watch are lass Fukin another man

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  10. I take it you all prefer the minor version of rugby? Run hit run hit run hit run hit run hit kick/turnover...zzzzzzzzz.

  11. Seriously, you prefer your rugby when they kick all the time. Penalties and goal kicking is Union. Try scoring is for the big boys in league.
  12. England Rugby Union is far superior to England football.

    But Rugby League is probably better at club level than Rugby Union.

    Premiership football is entertaining. Championship is take it or leave it. Div 1 is doggo without us involved.
  13. Union is properly world class at international level. But it's fcuking boring.
    League is the most intense game.
  14. Aye seriously. Big boys in league? Gior.
  15. Rugby league is for pansies ,6 tap backs Fukin boring.
  16. Well played Wales. Good game that.
  17. Farcical that we lost that. Just go for the kick, for fcuk sake.
  18. As opposed to kick n clap, aye alreight. That onion side couldn't fcuking keep it for 6 tackles. By far League is the greatest game
  19. League is a minority sport mate, get real. There's a reason why union is so much bigger, because it's a better game.

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