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    seems to me its a case of 'yer damned if do and yer damned if yer don't '

    some are having a go at us for not signing players to longer contracts earlier, but that view could be coloured by how well we are doing. If we are all honest I think we would all agree we have done a lot better than we thought. So now we are regretting not extending a number of players contracts. So on the other hand suppose we had not done this well and were struggling right now, and do not forget its not long since we had a bad dip in our form and we were beginning to fear the bubble had burst. Had we signed the said players to longer and better deals I think the wages would have been had to be increased considerably too. So again had we ended up in the worst case scenario at the end of the season then we may well have ended up with some expensive and long term wage bills. Yes but we are not struggling I hear you all say, but it's a very fine juggling act for teams such as us ( notice I did not say 'the likes of' ) I feel we will perhaps lose one or two but I also feel we have turned a corner in our valuation of players and as such will deal well and bring in replacements of sufficient quality. We have arguably the best manager in place since the Golden Wilson year that took us to the premier league... to me the one member of staff to get a long term deal on is Hecky.

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