Cricket tonight?

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  1. Can we get them early?

    350 then put 400+ on the board and chase around 200 on day 4/5?

    Or am I dreaming!!!!
  2. in a word
    chasing 130 last on here , slow low turner , no chance
    i reckon we will be chasing @300, another defeat.
    Three dropped catches , lost the match , hope I am wrong .
  3. Big first session, need to get them for under 400 realistically. Need to then bat properly and get a lead. Ideally it would be nice to bat once but that would mean getting close 600.
  4. On our showing so far this series, definitely dreaming! I see all the signs of a team on the way down, although having said that, cricket is a funny old game & I'd love for them to prove me wrong.
  5. If we can get them out for 380 - 400 then I think we have a fighting chance.
  6. if they get 400 we need 550 ! no chance , I hope they prove me wrong too ,
  7. The first session is going to be crucial. I think they'll be reasonably happy with the first day and it could have been so much better but we've just got to stop dropping catches. Broad, Swann and Monty need to bowl well.
  8. I think broad is pivotal in the first 45 minutes! When he's on song he's as good as anybody in world cricket......few and far between though!
  9. They need to hold the catches first
  10. They will post 450+. We then need to get 600 to have even a chance. No chance is what I say. Hope they prove me wrong but I reckon our batting is not that great, with no tail really. Monty can't even hold a bat. Can't see us getting 400.
  11. Lets at least be positive.

    12 month ago England won on as MRX puts it Slow low spinning wickets.
    Hopefully the likes of Cook KP and Bell will get us going. KP could be the difference. Some of is performances on these types of wickets put him with the very best.

    151 in Colombo, 100% humidity i think he mentioned not long since.
  12. I was there Hemsy, it was more like 200% humidity.
  13. Really, I bet you enjoyed that.
    It was something that he said in the summer taking to his friend Shane Warne on Sky.
    Really need him in the big games.
  14. It was hot, luckily there was an open air swimming pool to cool off in which was ace, cricket Sri Lankan style.
  15. England have had some luck this morning

  16. 'Completely dominated' just about sums it up.
  17. I vote we bring them home now to avoid further embarassment.
  18. It's called realism hemsy. We are on the slippery slope. Back to being also rans I'm afraid.
  19. It looked very flat, their number ten got a run a ball fifty.

    But it's only judged as a batters paradise when both sides have had a go. Looked a bit different for those twenty odd overs we were in.

    I think if somebody books in for bed and breakfast we might do ok. A slow turner will actually be a disadvantage to Johnson, his pace will make the ball come on to the bat with an older ball arguably better.

    We need at least 500 to stay in the game.
  20. Oh dear. Them boys took a hell of a beating. So now we're $hit at both football AND cricket. Tut

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