EFL and the cheating situation

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Skinner, Aug 2, 2020 at 8:21 AM.

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    Many of us are now getting really pi**ed off at not only the EFL and their dire handling of current clubs who cheat then attempt to wriggle free ( No names here eh ) but at the clubs who do this and kno their doing it....
    Many of them come to our attention at some point but lets face it a 1st year accountancy student could spot some if the stuff they get up to in a heartbeat but for some insane reason the likes of Wednesday carry on for ages and benefit from their actions long term.Wigan are only ars*d cos they get relegated otherwise whats the sanction.....
    Surely its time the EFL had an indipendant legal board to refer clubs actions to at the time of the action. Said board could incur time limits on decisions and have set punishments which take immediate effect and cannot be challenged if the evidence is concrete...if a club sells their ground or pays wages/pays transfers which are obviously suspect this goes immediately to referal...we may have to take some current stuff on the chin while this is put in place but if we dont do summat there's going to be a crash and some of the really recognisable names in English football will disappear for good.

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