First big test tonight.....

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    I know we have played 3 games now but I think this one will set the tone for our remaining games... Burton we shot ourselves in the foot in the first half before changing tactics then Birmingham were there for the taking and at a really low ebb followed by hull who we could of arguably beat if we hadn't gone into our she'll after half time.

    Cardiff are second in the league not playing the prettiest football but getting the job done so we are going to have to see Jose playing a different way tonight to avoid defeat and try mix things up to get a result.

    If we sit back and try to soak up pressure like we did against hull for 45 minutes I really do fear for us against a team like Cardiff who will pick us off.

    Keeping possession and taking our chances will determine our fate tonight solike Jose keeps saying I believe we can get a positive result but it's going to be very difficult!!!!
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