First time I ever saw the Reds.

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    Grew up in Doncaster and as my Dad was in charge of the Main Stand he took me to Belle Vue from an early age. I used to sit with a very attractive young lady Mavis Markham who went on to marry our goalkeeper Harry Gregg. Whilst me Dad cashed up Harry and Mavis used to walk me to catch my bus home and my Mum was at the bus stop waiting for me at the other end.
    Through Harry I got the autographs of most of the teams that visited Rovers. On some occasions Rovers forward Kit Lawlor would take me into the visitors dressing rooms to meet their players.
    I remember 23 rd August 1952 very vividly. There were 19, 662 in the ground to see the Rovers draw 1-1 with Barnsley. The Reds had made a loss of £4,508 on the previous season so they didn't sign any high profile players in the close season.
    I remember that Kit introduced me to the legendary Harry Hough and the player who scored the goal Gavin Smith. A tall lad with a mass of hair shook my hand and said " or Reyt young 'un". I didn't realise until the end of the season that I shook hand with the great Tommy Taylor when it was announced that he had gone to Man Utd for £29,999 and Eddie McMorran went to Donny for £10k.
    Reds team that day was Hough, Youell, May, Jarman, McNeil, Normanton, Smith, Lumley, McMorran, Taylor
    and Kelly. Little did I realise that some thirty four years later I would become of a Reds supporter.
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    what happened 34years later to make you a Barnsley supporter? that wouldha been 1986. You shook hands and spoke with with Tommy Taylor. Well done , Tommy. We all want have legends like Tommy. He'll do me. I mean, we all revere the Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrisons... but Tommy is one of our own..

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