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  1. His sacking at Sheff Utd was one of the most ridiculous sackings I think I have ever seen. The board panicked and made a very stupid decision - they paid the price last season. I honestly think they would have been promoted if they hadn't sacked him. I'm glad they did though.
  2. I won.
  3. Won what?

    The award for most ironic poster on the BBS?
  4. Swap i for mo ;)
  5. Game over
    You're in the drop zone.
    Lots of effort , all promise yet no end result
  6. I'm not involved in any games on here, pal. I don't use this forum as a platform to be something that I'm not. I am what I am. I'll leave it to others to be some kind of character.

    If you feel a need to fight the corners of others, despite your own form on this forum over the years, you crack on. It matters little to me. But don't involve me in future. I've met you, you came over very well and nothing like the persona often seen on here. So as you've met me, you'll know that playing games or bullying (whichever it is you're accusing folk of this week) is not my MO.

    I'll leave it there, mate.
  7. Is it worth it?
  8. No. Getting cheesed off.
  9. He's the worst signing, loan or otherwise, that I've ever seen for Barnsley. Equal worst that is, along with that bloke who scored against Norwich for Charlton a couple of season ago to help keep us up. Can't remember his name, which says it all really.

    Frimpong is a perfect example lf all that's wrong with football today - he's f***ing crap, but doesn't realise it yet and neither do the people who pay him.
  10. strange sense of humour 'mate'
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    Hi hemsy

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