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  1. One guy said he thought Huddersfield played for pens?


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  2. I liked the automatic promotion next season thread - a "couple of tweaks" are all they need to be sure of finishing in the top two

    oh and these gems from the Livid thread

    "the look on peoples faces when nuhiu came on the pitch,choice of winnall or nuhiu and he picks nu-hope"

    "Winnal was the best option on the bench as we were getting a grip on the game at that point. Brings on Nuhiu and we ship a goal, I know there's a love in for him but he needs to go if were leaving a player with Winnal's talent on the bench."

    "How in the name of everything holy, given the choice of Winnall and Nuhiu do you pick the wrong one. You can't even begin to defend it."

    So SSW may be gaining support by not actually playing :) still he would at least have had the bottle to take a penalty
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  3. Pure pleasure.
  4. Wrong.

    According to an article I read on this subject some time ago, statistically the most successful penalty method is to hit it hard straight down the middle - a la Gordon Owen. I don't recall Gordon ever missing one.
  5. All this love for winnall and he didn't even play have they never seen him take a pen? He missed least one a season for us scunthorpe under Johnson bristol city this season 2 off top of my head.
  6. On the strength that the Huddersfield goalie was looking at the penalty history of SWFC players at the end of extra time. Like any good goalie should.
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  7. One of my best mates is a Wednesday fan and his underlying feeling is that their demise in pressure situations is a direct correlation to how good they think they are. A bit like "we're the bigger club so it stands to reason we'll win" as opposed to battling their knackers off to get what they want.
  8. I
    I bet it's only the most successful because it's so unexpected. If you were a regular penalty taker and hit every one down the middle your success rate would soon drop to zero as if keepers know that's what you're going to do it's the easiest penalty to save.
  9. Didn't he miss one at Charlton? It was the game when Ron Futcher scored a hat trick to put us 3-0 up, then got sent off and we ended up losing the match 5-3.
  10. I certainly remember the Ron Futcher element of that game but I bow to your superior knowledge.....
  11. Charlton come back after being 0-3 down after 25 minutes in a classic. Shame so few were there to witness it.

    The Valley Att: 3,832.
    Charlton Athletic 5 (1) (Dowman 37, 78, Lee 50, Flanagan 62, Moore (pen) 73) Barnsley 3 (3) (R Futcher 15, 19, 25)

    Charlton: Johns, Curtis, Friar, Madden, Dowman, Aizlewood, Lee, Curbishley, Moore, Anderson (Hales 46), Flanagan.

    Barnsley: Baker, Joyce, Law, Ronson, jeffels, P Futcher, Owen, Thomas, R Futcher, Agnew, Campbell. Unused sub: Goodison.

    Referee: K Cooper (Pontypridd)

    Penalties: Owen hit a penalty over the bar in the 59th minute after Flanagan had tripped Thomas. At the other end Flanagans header was handled on the line leading to Moores penalty.

    Ron Futcher was sent off in the 66th minute for a second booking.
  12. If it's hit hard enough then even if the keeper stands still he'll not hold it, leaving the taker to smack the rebound in......
  13. Nah, I don't have a superior anything, old mate!:D:D
  14. PS - I can confirm that the scorer of the Charlton penalty was our old back-to-front hat-wearing foe!
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  15. Wasn't the Charlton match the same week as Southampton in the cup?

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  16. I didn't normally :)
  17. I know mate, I know.
  18. You've got a better picture on your posts than mine....
  19. She's my labourer when I'm on one of my digs.

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