IF we get to Wembley

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  1. We'll be on the East side, both times we've been before we were in the West stand.

    Just thought I'd let you know.
  2. Why's that? Wendies are West. Is it already decided?

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  3. That'd also mean we'd be allocated different (Oxford) pubs on the east side? ie. No Green Man. Although I wouldn't go back there again. Had a better time on the grassy patch near the stadium with beers from Tesco Express.
  4. We were in another pub paying a Fiver a pint, decided to go for a walk and saw loads of fans on the grassy patch lol, so we just got done cans. Could have saved a fortune had we not gone in the pub first
  5. On FL website - Lg2 & Champ finals are decided, Lg 1 isn't ?

  6. Ha ha, same here!
    Green Man was a nightmare this year.
    Won't be traipsing back up there again !
  7. Was it you that sh1t behind the fence?:D
  8. lol - Saw a few blag it into the local working men's club to use the toilet but missed that. Thank god!
  9. Talking to one of the (incredible) bar staff in the Green Man, she noted how good natured and generally polite we were...bet she's chuffed that it could be Millwall "fans" she'll be serving in a few days time...
  10. Why would they make Millwall fans go to the opposite side of the stadium from where they are travelling? Seems a bit odd that!
  11. what do you mean if we get there... this 2nd leg will be no problem :cool:
  12. as good natured as the green man was, i won't be going back if we did get past walsall. absolute nightmare getting served
  13. Green man was ace, thanks to Mrs C who mistrusts coppers more than me, when they told us not to bother. :D
  14. Tickets are already on sale to Club Wembley members, Barnsley/Walsall have been allocated East.
  15. So on assumption the East Side pubs are the same as allocated to Oxford for JPT Final, they'll be:

    East Side/Wembley Park

    Blue Check Cafe
    Crystal Nightclub
    First Class Sports Bar
    Flyers Last Stand
    St Josephs Social Club
    The Crock of Gold
    The Parish
    The Torch
    The Wembley Tavern
    Watkin’s Folly
  16. What's 'ace' in not being able to get served or having to stand in a queue for 40 minutes in the hope of getting served Mr C ?
    It was great when we played Ipswich all those years ago, but personally not even considering walking up there this time if we make it to Wembley.
    Much more fun on the grassy knoll !
  17. Pubs are to the West and North of Wembley Way (except Crystal Nightclub). Down as far as the grassy banking where Tesco Express was (St Joseph's Social Club)

  18. Should be interesting with all the Barnsley fans in the Torch as all the Millwall loons exit Wembley Park Tube station - seems a bit daft putting us at the side of the ground
  19. Pre-booked Jury's Inn at Watford, £59 with free cancellation. Only 27 mins and £1.80 on tube to Wembley Park Tube station. Tubes run every 15 mins. Pubs being around that area is ideal for us.

    Just need the right result Thursday.
  20. Bizarre if true as if we qualify we know our way around the west side and it keeps Millwall (or Bradford) to their nearest side

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