Is 3D TV worth it?

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  1. I have noticed the price of some 3D TVs have been coming down and I'm starting to get interested. I have Virgin TV and they have a lot of "watch this space" stuff but only pay per view movies at the moment. There are Lots of DVDs, but of course they are more expensive and I understand Sky charge more for the 3D channel.

    The display in the shop is stunning on LED and passive 3D glasses are light and cheap (opportunity for active plasma fans to join in).

    I was told in Curry's yesterday that my current blue ray player would have to be changed (I was doubtful about that perhaps he's just trying to make a sale). I know this sounds like a thread that must have happened before, but if it did I missed it.

    Has anybody any experience with this and what do you think?
  2. i bet po.rn is good on 3d tv

  3. Personally I would say no, but then my eyes aren't exactly what you'd call normal and I car barley see out of one of my eyes so this probably has a big impact.... To summarise, I'm probably the wrong person to answer you. Soz like.
  4. Nope, it's a gimmick. I bought one purely because it was on offer and was a cracking TV at the price, the 3D feature was irrelevant to me. Like 3D cinema it's a gimmick and will be dead within 5 years when the novelty has worn off.
  5. I may wait until it's possible without glasses - there's a new higher def format coming out soon . I'd wait and see what they're like
  6. Never use the 3D mode on my tv. Waste of time
  7. My mate bought a 3D tv...he also bought a Betamax video and Sinclair C5
  8. The 2D-3D conversion option is not great although the 3D broadcasts are quite good.
  9. Hehe. The money shot would have you ducking behind the sofa.

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