Lee Rigbys killer attacked in Jail

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  1. Two front teeth missing, lets hope those Prison Guards keeping leave his door open.....accidentally.
  2. ah well, $hit happens in there. not about to start patting other cons on the back though. anyone in a high security wing is a scumbag in one way or another
  3. It's just a shame it was only two teeth.
  4. First attack of many:)
  5. He hasn't been convicted of anything yet and even if he had he should be protected.

    Nah...fu(k that , feed him to the lions ;)
  6. Makes you wonder how many guards were in on it! In a cat A prison I thought it was very strict and hard to get to prisoner on charges that this lad is on. But never mind. Doesn't just deserve a life sentence.
  7. A certain few on here would say this man deserves rights! and that anyone who thinks any different are knuckle draggers. I say, leave the door open and let the man get what's coming to him.
  8. 100% agreed.

    I am very proud to be a Brit and live in this great country, but we can improve, and this is an area of society/law that needs adjustment.

    A British soldier mowed down and killed in London daylight.......death sentence would be 100% warranted.
    As much as I think USA get things wrong, their attitude towards terrorism since 9/11 is basically translated to "we won't stand for any ****...any **** at all". I like it.
  9. Shame though, that the USA were the ones arming the terrorists initially to suit their own agenda.
    Biggest terrorist country there is.
    As for this attack - scum on scum. Let em play.
  10. Personally I'd drowned the fcuker in his own p1ss. Cases like this is when our law/justice system is toss. Find him guilty then hand him to the poor soldiers family and friends and let them deal with him, am sure they'll find a nice way to penalise him!
  11. I can absolutely guarantee you that this wonderful USA you speak of, is responsible for many many more deaths, than one crack addled maniac wielding a machete
  12. Just to be clear

    He had them knocked out during a melee with the prison officers, not fellow prisoners
  13. What you completely fail to realise is that it affording him rights, no matter how unpalatable that may be is what makes us different and that principle should be defended.

    What he did utterly utterly disgusted me but his likes start to win if we our freedoms to be compromised.
  14. "A Man for All Seasons"

  16. It's about time that we started treating crimes of this nature with serious punishment. I'm not saying give people the death penalty but all rights to appeal should be taken away and they should be left to rot in a dark padded cell with nothing but scraps and water.
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    None. None at all. But with rights (that the rest of us have) comes responsibility.
    The responsibility here is to serve justice not to gain revenge.

    It of course remains to be seen if justice will be served. If found guilty ( which seems a foregone conclusion, but how do you find 12 jurors who haven't heard about this?) they should never be released.
  18. 'An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind' Mahatma Gandhi

    This was the most heinous crime imaginable and should be punished to the greatest extent of the law.

    Whether that punishment is adequate is a different argument.

    'The responsibility here is to serve justice not to gain revenge' agreed Redstar.
  19. Go on the screws. Nice one. Wonder what the lags will do when they get hold of him, hopefully it's an eye or summat he loses.

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