Malcolm Shotton

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  1. hard as nails.
  2. squashes slugs and smashes snails
  3. and then there's currie on the wing

    admiring his moustache, the crowd do sing.
  4. Anybody remember his goal against Sunderland on the night the East Stand felt as though it was going to blow down?

    Shotton hit it from about 40 yards out and it caught the wind and went into the net.

    It was, I think, my first season watching Barnsley - or perhaps the second. I'd never seen anything like Sunderland's supporters. They were doing really badly, but they still brought plenty of fans. I remember little clusters of them huddling together and dancing: "We are Sunderland, say we are Sunderland."

    Happy days. :)
  5. Didn't he tw at john deehan on the bus after cup game at bramhall lane ?

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