match live on VIPBOX for info

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  1. Hope it is some help but the game is showing live on vipbox

  2. Should have said its the Brizzle game on sat
  3. I'm sure it'll be on there somewhere, struggling to find anything on the bet365 site about it being on there.

    This streaming lark has always been a bit iffy, I've done it for years watching 3pm premier league games, some work great others never stop stuttering and buffering.
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    Found it on Bet365, it's got telly at side of game then click on our match then click on full time result. The telly screen should be at the side.
  5. Our match isn't being shown on bet365

    Click on the game, if a pop up comes up, close it then click on which stream you want to use. Then the game will come up but will be covered in adverts, close them when you can and maximise the screen, you'll not be interrupted by any more once you have full screen.
  7. do you need to download anything to view the video. I am struggling to get rid of the adverts.

    Any advice mate

    I am just testing it with a game which is live now
  8. I mean the bet 365
  9. You usually have to bet at least a £1 on the match to be able to watch it.
  10. Vipbox is free, irritatiting adverts to start with what you need to do is ignore the normal X for close and look for the tiny red or green x hidden sneakily away on the advert. Once you get them out of the way maximise the screen ande any remaining will sod off.

    It is usually a good stream and works well.

    Thought it might be useful so those who cant go can get involved.

  11. Think you need account and bet on our game, as far as I know
  12. and do we know if the Barnsley match will be on live (On saturday)
  13. first row sports always fine for me, ignore and close any pop ups, do not download anything...the match will be listed tomorrow...
  14. On bet365 site it has live streaming against our game and also Boro v Millwall
  15. I really can't see bet365 streaming in uk. Games at 3pm aren't allowed.
  16. no, it will just be for them outside of the uk P72

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