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  1. What's 5 + 1 x 10?

    Clue: If you get anything other than 15, it's wrong. Plain wrong. And it's not how we calculate transfer fees.
  2. My answer was Boris Karloff, but I'm easily confused these days.
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    By the way, if the answer is 15, shouldn't the sum be 5 + (1 X 10)?
    I still think the answer is Boris Karloff.
  3. Brackets not needed, it's clear with or without them. Multiplication comes before addition. Ask Mad Mark........
  4. Could be 15, could be 60, depends where you put the brackets.
    Without them it's a void question.
  5. It's not void, brackets not needed, always do multiplication before addition. Agreed that brackets would be clearer though, but they're optional.
  6. Twenty five years in Payroll and that's the first time I've heard that. Probably explains why I never paid t'owd man & tingleytyke correctly!:D:D
  7. I once bought a shelf with optional brackets.
  8. Isn't the rule that multiplication and division comes before addition and subtraction UNLESS there are brackets?

  9. The answer is BIDMAS ie


    Order of operations
  10. It's called BODMAS and means that things should be done in a certain order.
    Brackets first
    Orders second
    Division and
    Multiplication third
    Addition and
    Subtraction last
  11. Did the brackets overlap?
  12. I'd better give my A level Maths back.
  13. Is this Bodmas bloke a replacement for Sam Winnall?
  14. Plays for Grimsby dunt he?
  15. and me:rolleyes:
  16. Bid as seems to be more commonly known as bidmas now for some strange,reason .....
  17. As in a mass of bids........................

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