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    Barnsley (full width)
    Admit they basically gambled on promotion the gulf in finances between clubs who have been in the premier league and rest is getting bigger all the time.

    Newcastle took 'financial gamble' with highest-ever EFL wage bill in 2016-17 season -

    Not sure why that link says rugby union but I think it's the right one.
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    I’m not convinced by this at all.

    Clubs still get paid a fortune for been relegated. They will have got about £90m for going down & then is it about £60m parachute payment for the first season after relegation? Think that’s right.

    So they’re about £30m down but they made a profit on transfers due to the huge Sissoko deal & Thauvin & Wijnaldium deals plus an astute business man like Ashley who’d already suffered a relegation previously will have had relegation clauses in contracts.

    If these figures are correct then the club would’ve been losing money each year whilst in the premiership. It just doesn’t add up.

    His aim seems to be to defend himself for not giving his manager a big transfer budget.

    Think there’s a lot of cooking the books going off here with the Sports Direct sponsorship

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