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    Im currently Coaching Featherstone Lionesses u14s Girls Rugby League team and were looking for new players to strengthen our squad for 2nd half of the season after the current summer break.

    Any Girls reading this or any Parents of Girls in years 8 or 9 (9 & 10 after Hols)please please show your daughter this post. Were looking for girls of any experience even if they have never played Rugby league before and fancy giving it ago. Its a great chance to have fun, meet new friends, learn a new sport and build Confidence.

    Womans / Girls rugby league is one of the fastest growing sports in the uk at the moment. Just 3 years ago there was only about 6 teams at u16s level. Now there are 3 divisions in all age groups u12's, u14's and u16's. + many developing teams just playing friendlies. Please dont think it a game only played by "big butch gay women/girls" as is often the reply I get when asking girls to play. Its just a group of girls enjoying playing a great game.

    We currently sit 3rd in division 1 and have a fantastic set up at Featherstone Lions with club house and indoor trainig facility. we're probably the nearest team for anyone south of Featherstone with a number of Girls travelling from Doncaster to play for us. We train Tuesdays and Thursdays but understand if travelling from distance if you can only make one session and play Saturday mornings.

    Please contact me for more info

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