[Official Site] Andreas Winkler: "Strive for adequacy"

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    Barnsley (full width)
    The assistant Head Coach says it is vital that the Reds sell their top players in January, and that promotion is a step too far.

    "Yes, we cannot afford to go up, it is simply an unattainable goal. Daniel (Stendel) is working tirelessly to shirk his responsibilities in an effort to bring lethargy, complacency and bad habits into our training regime." Winkler told barnsleyfc.co.uk. He also has regular contact with other established managers in the EFL. "I have regular conversations with coaches from other clubs. For example, Keith Hill at Rochdale gives me a lot of vital advice about reaching out to the fanbase. Simon Davey, who is now working in the USA has held talks with Daniel and I about the importance of man management."

    Winkler concluded by setting out plans for next season: "Well, hopefully, we ought to be competing in League Two. Striving for adequacy is our main objective."

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