Reasons not to vote for Ed Miliband

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  1. 1 He looks a bit weird.
    2 Err...

    That's it. That's all his detractors have got. No one attacks his policies, or his delivery, or his integrity, or his morality, just his face. "Look at Ed, he's pulling a funny face, what a wnaker." Compared to the airbrushed, plastic, perfect human beings we usually see on the telly, he does look a bit weird. Compared to us normal folk, with our beer bellies, receding hair lines, skin like a horror film and features designed by Picasso, he's a reight catch.

    Cameron looks OK. He's never going to win a Mr England competition, but he's perfectly presentable. So if that's what you're in to, vote for him. Ignore the fact that he'll cost you your job and maybe your house, rip the heart out of the NHS, deny your kids a proper education and condemn them to a zero hour contract in a job that will rip the life out of them. Watch them crumble before your eyes if you wish. He looks alright, so he's your man.

    Unless you like a bloke who enjoys a beer, then you can vote for Farage. So long as you ignore that everything he stands for will wipe away what yer mam and yer dad and yer grandparents and yer great grandparents spent their entire lives fighting for. Equality - rich or poor, man or woman, gay or straight, black or white, that's the gift they gave us. It took them about 100 years. You can get rid of it in the time it takes to put a cross on a ballot paper if you like.

    Ed Miliband isn't perfect. Far from it, and he'd be the first to admit it. But he's so far ahead of the opposition that there isn't a choice. Don't destroy the next generation.

    If you vote for Ed things will probably still be ****. But they're not going to continue to get even worse.
  2. I miss Screaming Lord Sutch.

    The 99p coin and making it a rule that socks could only be bought in 3s.

    Top policies that swung it for me.
  3. Agreed.

    Wish we had a better leader - Dan Jarvis, one day I hope.

    Up here in South Stockton Tory scum have a 300 majority so looking to topple them.

    For me it boils down to;

    Social Conscience v Selfish Greed

    Right v Wrong

    Good v Evil

    So, party with geeky leader 3 - Tory scum 0.

    Come on you reds.
  4. At least he was having a laugh. UKIP was serious about these policies in 2010;

    ""Ukip will encourage a return to proper dress for major hotels, restaurants and theatres – smarter dress is part of Britishness, although it is also a British virtue to encourage innovation in fashion."

    "Ukip will return London's Circle line to a circle – the complete circular service recently stopped."

    "Ukip will encourage a return to the glamour, grace and style of the railway companies of the past through its railway policies. Ukip seeks a return to 'Pullman' trains where justified, with appropriate branding such as 'Great Western Railway', one of the most successful British brands ever."

    "The unseemly haste with which National Express destroyed the quality GNER brand by painting out its heraldry on service trains standing at rail stations was a disgrace. As with the iconic red bus in London, so the government should insist on a modernised form of traditional branding – chocolate and cream for Great Western, scarlet red for Midland, apple green for the east coast. These are icons of Britishness. Go-Ahead has shown the way with an excellent, tasteful branding of its Southern network."

    "We deeply regret the drift towards swearing oaths of allegiance to the state rather than the monarchy, as with new policemen, which ignores the carefully balanced constitutional arrangement of Britain and risks elevating the authority of the government further. Ukip would require a comprehensive return to swearing allegiance to the Crown from all public servants and British subjects."

    "Rather than playing the 'money-go-round' with the attendant administrative burden, Ukip would abolish Statutory Maternity Pay entirely and simply allow parents who stay at home with their children to claim a weekly parental allowance set at the same level as the basic cash benefit proposed in our welfare policy (in other words, around £64 per week for parents aged 25 and above) regardless of how long they are off work and regardless of the other spouse's income."

    They also wanted to have a dress code for taxi drivers. And yet they didn't win a single seat.
  5. Aye, just hope it back fires on em, but wont hold me breath that the gullible will see through it.
  6. The vast majority of people who don't vote for him will do so because of his policies or because they don't trust him and his party with the economy. He looks weird but most people see beyond this and actually vote on policy.
  7. Dan Jarvis?

    No ta
  8. You put too much trust in the GBP (Great British Public)
  9. I hope not. I know he gets a lot of stick because of his looks but surely when you go and place your vote you vote on policy and not what the leader of the party looks like.
  10. He was only 12 during the strike.
  11. Or they may even vote on them that are up for representing them.
  12. Alan Johnson?
  13. why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    cracking cheese Grommet
  14. Alex Salman?
  15. Re: why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    People don't want to vote for Labour because they'll mess up the economy again like they always do, and a Labour/SNP coalition will REALLY mess it up.
  16. And he's from nottinghamshire...
  17. Re: why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    Really? And why would that be?

    Surely you don't for one minute believe that this pile of shite that is running the country ATM is doing a fine job.
  18. Re: why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    Because the SNP only care about scotland, don't believe in being part of the UK and yet expect to be given control over the UK. Its like Farage and co being MEPs
  19. Re: why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    And Cameron and the Tories only care about SE England. They don't give a fk about Northern England and they certainly would not piss on us in Scotland if we were on fire. Hatred is not too strong a word to describe feelings between the Scots and the Tories.

    I and most of Scotland WILL be voting SNP in this election. Yes, Independence from this broken and corrupt UK is the ultimate aim but until we can achieve this then Nicola will fight the cause for the benefit of Scotland in Westminster.
  20. Re: why would you vote for a Nick Park character

    I think the difference is that it is opinion about Cameron, it is fact about the SNP.

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