Reece Oxford?

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by wolvestyke, May 18, 2017.

  1. would be over the moon with that, can play centre back or in the midfield, had Ozil in his pocket all game on his debut
  2. Hopefully Ashley Fletcher will put in a good word for us.
  3. Take him Hecky, but insist he brings his mate Fletcher along with him too!
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  4. Yes, make it a get one, get the other one as well deal. Oxford AND Fletcher, or no Oxford.
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  5. Oxford put in a half decent performance against a hapless arsenal side once and did nothing since. Overrated as hell- next frimong
  6. Didn't know 18 year olds were meant to be playing first team football in the Premier League
  7. He's barely played since in his defence.

    Hardly fair to make a judgement either way.

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  8. Lol, I'm sure West Ham'd be happy with us trying to hold them to ransom like that :D
  9. The more I think about this the more I want it to happen. Where better to send a young central defender than the club that recently developed stones, Holgate, Roberts and Mawson?
  10. We've got to be in the running.
  11. He's looked promising when I've seen him play. Fantastic debut against Arsenal. Not sure West ham would want him here despite our pedigree with young defenders. Personally I'd like to see Angus continue his progression at the side of Roberts (If he stays obviously) so unless we get a long term injury I doubt he'd play much... Unless he's being played in midfield and can't really comment on that position until Scowen's contract is sorted and/or replacements

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