RS still sticking with the half million for SSW story

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  1. Five pm sports news just repeated that Wednesday and Norwich are at the front of the queue for him.

    Football Heaven might be interesting tonight.
  2. If Wednesday offered £2 million and Winnall says he wants to go, I could understand the club accepting and re-investing in another player likely to be more commited. It also fits in with our transfer policy. At 500k though? Madness. We paid more than that for George Moncur from Colchester on the strength of a decent League One campaign and a lovely goal in front of the Ponty. Comparisons with Hogan going for potentially 25 times that amount are depressing. I guess time will tell but I simply don't get the £500,000 figure, it goes against everything we're meant to be doing at the club. We couldn't even replace him with a League One 'up and coming' forward for 500k.
  3. Were stupid if we sell our top scorer to what is at the minute play off rival for 500k like I said in another thread like to see us replace him with that 500k. If the club accept 500k they have got some explaining to do. If he refuses to play I'd leave him in u23s and say your.not going sam until we get what you are worth.
  4. We aren't in an hurry to release a statement to tell us it's bullshit like we did when Moyes mentioned Stones fee. So it could well be true the 500k figure. I'd think local press like Radio Sheffield have a better idea of the fee than national press like Daily Mail with their stories in the millions.
  5. Why would we release a statement about an ongoing transfer, the statement on Moyes was about a transfer that had happened 3 years previously, also why would Radio Sheffield know anything about the fee, fees between 500k and 2mil have been bandied around since the start of the season, most of it is guess work, wait while something concrete happens and then we can all make our minds up
  6. Does anyone think Wednesday would sell their top scorer to a play-off rival? Noop. So why would we contemplate it? It's not just that we'd miss Sam's goals, but we're also boosting the goal scoring potential of a team just a few points ahead of us. For the pittance being mentioned it's tantamount to footballing suicide this season.
  7. We may aswell throw in conor and bree for 1million January sale
  8. Nobody outside of the clubs will truly know. I've seen on twitter we've actually rejected an offer from Wednesday. So let's believe that, everything's ok and Winnall's going nowhere! Alan Nixon said we're still haggling over add-ons, so that means we haven't agreed a fee, or at least haven't come to an agreement to sell him. But they club rightly won't say anything until things are concrete: like the Mawson deal, they didn't say anything until we had agreed a fee

    It's all rumours still but fans are just getting a bit agitated which is natural. So am I. But que será será and all that...
  9. These last 2 years have been good enough to get lots of old faces back to games, the old days of our top scorer going for half a mil in January which contributed greatly to them not giving a toss why the fck would the club even vaguely contemplate this. Fans become disenfranchised player unity lost local rivals one up on us and manager with a headache trying to replace a player we simply can't for half a fcking mil. As has been said if it's him pushing the deal let him keep banging them in in the reserves. The thought of seeing him score a play off winning goal after leaving for half a mil like vaz te did does not sit well with me at all
  10. I think everybody in the western world knows how laughable 500k is. What we don't know is what Sam has been offered
  11. Doesn't a bid have to be accepted before terms are offered?
  12. apparently...

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  13. that's not how it works in reality.
  14. He is our player and still under contract till summer if we have sold to wednesday for 500k I give up never ****ing learn
  15. If we don't accept a bid and they try and offer him a contract they're breaking the law so it is how it works
  16. Will they get sent to jail?
  17. Re: apparently...

  18. Less than 6 months. So he can do precontract agreement can he not?

    Either way 500k. Sounds like the Don is back.

    500k shouldn't even be considered and laughed at imo
  19. Long time lurker.

    Absolutely no truth to the 500k rumour surely..?

    We paid 650k for a 6 month contract, want-away Bradshaw.

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  20. I think only a foregin team can offer him a pre contract with 6 months left. 500k is a joke may aswell keep him for that price and it makes us look a joke to other clubs.

    Barnsley fc January prices (based on winnall 500k)

    Conor hourhine 1million
    Marley watkins 600k
    Josh scowern 500k

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