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  1. I've read, on here, that we've got him here on trial.

    I have absolutely no opinion of him as a footballer, as I'm afraid I haven't seen him play.

    But, I played as 'FC Halifax' on Football Manager 2012, and he was my favourite player. He was young, about 21 or 22 I think, and was an attacking midfielder that could play left, right or through the centre. He was also left-footed.
    I got the best out of him by playing him on the left, and he created many a goal for my star striker, Jamil Adam, who I picked up as a free agent. Remember him?
    I gained promotion in my first season, and then left to take up the reins at Bradford City who had been relegated to the Conference. I took my assistant manager with me - Kevin Donovan, young Jamil, my captain Tom Baker (yes, ex tarn), and the lad Hogan. And, once there, my first cash signing was Christopher Dagnall, for just 20k.
    I then took Bradford back up through the playoffs, with Dagnall top scoring with 26 goals, and I sold Jamil Adam to PNE for 200k, which I invested into youth development. Speaking of youths, I had a young left winger named Marlon Marcelle, who was born in Halifax, yet was eligible for Trinidad. I did often wonder if he was a relative of Clint's. Anyhoo, I eventually promoted him to the first team, to replace Scott Hogan. Unfortunately, Hogan couldn't cut it in League Two, and so I terminated his contract after he failed to show for training. He went on to join Alfreton Town in the Conference.
    Unfortunately, I didn't play the game much after that, as I never found the time.

    Just thought I'd share that with you all.

    Btw, Keith Hill was always sacked within the first six months of the season as BFC manager, and he never picked Scott Wiseman either.

    While I am here, I'll just say this regarding Hogan - none of us know the lad any better than Keith and Flicker, and if they feel he's worth a closer look, then who are we to argue, at this juncture? If he signs, and disappoints us in a tarn shirt, THEN have a pop, should you so wish.
    I do think though, that it's his Rochdale link that has got the backs up of a few on here. And I'm pretty sure Keith isn't doing it to wind folk up. I mean, King Keith wouldn't dare to rile the fans, would he? :D
  2. be better off with hulk hogan

  3. to me it feels like the Don has told Keef theres no money for transfers for lower league players - unless they are free. There will be money available for championship or prem players if cheap enuff. Basically we are fishing with the bottom feeder again so we could either pull up a champion carp, a shopping trolley or Chris Dagnall.

    Getting a little concerned now as weve done little to address the issues last term and the season start is just over a week away.
  4. Surely it can't just be me that has read numerous interviews where Keith has said he wants to add players with Championship experience, but they won't be available until the end of August because a lot of players are assessing their options.

    I've got no doubt that we have made enquiries all over the place, but until players find out what's on offer from other clubs I doubt they'll be accepting our offer. Sit tight, we might end up with a few exciting signings before the season starts.
  5. At the open daybasically when asked about transfers he admitted he is looking at loans for experience - and that they would befrom those unwanted in 25 man Premier League squads.

    Donit expect our squad to be complete before half a dozen game in
  6. 'be better off with hulk hogan'

    Have to say that made me laugh.
  7. I've a mate who's a massive Halifax fan so asked him about Hogan...

    He said he couldn't even get in their team and couldn't begin to imagine how he'd be good enough for us.
  8. I seem to remember not too long ago folk whining because a former Stocksbridge player was bought by a championship team for a million quid. Where were we? Why don't we find these players? Well.........
  9. glad i helped
  10. his name sounds similular to a name in a kevin bridges sketch.

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