Taking the mickey football tonight - have we ever seen England do that before?

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  1. All those one-touch triangles, not getting anywhere I know, but just rubbing the opposition's nose in the defeat. I don't recall every seeing an England team like this before. They have always been a team of talented individuals but this guy really has them playing with confidence and to good effect. I wonder if Mark Robins can do something similar with our "super stars"? I know he is still a rookie manager but he has definitely got the raw material to work with. Easy really - just get the best eleven on the pitch, all playing in their natural positions, and watch us go!!
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  3. Ah but, that might have been a pretty fair result but..

    I am talking about the WAY England played tonight. Ooooozing confidence in every part of the field. Bit of kamikaze defending thrown in mind you, but good going forward. Of course winning 5-1 in Germany was fantastic but this team look better and can get better still. Let's see how we do in the big tournament matches, but for now I am really enjoying watching England play. Can't say that too often the last 40 years!
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    thats the problem though

    if we didn't put those chances away (which we may not have for some, specially those headers, penalty, etc) we'd be in uproar at the ***** defending.

    if we can eradicate that, we'll be fine
  5. England just like Barnsley really

    Can't defend for toffee.
    Blind faith in a big black centre forward who can't score - that had BETTER change now that Simon has gone.
    Good at making pretty patterns in midfield. Actually, England really DID look good doing that last night but they were doing it from a position of 5-1 up, not chasing a game at 0-1 down like Barnsley do with no Plan B up the sleeve to actually create a goal from all the passes.

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