What's the situation like over the Woodhead pass?

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  1. Any major roadworks that could cock things up?
    (Other than those feckin traffic lights at Denton and Tintwistle)
  2. sorry, Mottram and Tintwistle
  3. There's traffic lights just after the Glossop turn off. Or there were last week. It's going to be a nightmare.
  4. Roadworks will be there until 30th April according to tinternet. Expect long delays.
  5. Or the A635 over Saddleworth Moor.

    Plenty of options.
  6. if your on about for tonight don't forget Man Utd are at home
  7. From your way that would be best route anyway wouldn't it? From Barnsley I might be tempted to take A635 from Holmfirth.
  8. This is a handy website for roadworks


    Shows you current and planned roadworks submitted by local authorities.
  9. A6 for me. Hopefully be quiet there and back.
  10. There was roadworks actually on the Mottram crossroads on Sunday morning. I was queuing all the way up the dual carriageway at 9:30. It's awful there normally so I hate to think what it'll be like at peak times. I wouldn't be surprised if there were queues all the way back to before the Glossop turning.

    I'd avoid Woodhead if possible unless you're looking to get into Manchester well before kickoff.
  11. Snake pass it is then.

    Scarf out the car window through Sheffield.
  12. I came back from MCR airport on Saturday and it was carnage, with temp traffic lights at the Mottram/Glossop crossroads. But I did the same route again on Sunday night, and they had disappeared
  13. Re: Snake pass it is then.

    Quick hop for me through Stanbury & Colne. Twenty minutes or so :)
  14. Re: Snake pass it is then.

    The M62 is one big long car park pick your own lane. 50 mph on most of it. Will be going Woodhead tonight Burnley Will come back m62 as Woodhead not good in dark. More like a Slalem run
  15. Re: Snake pass it is then.

    last time we went,we went Huddersfield,Elland and then on to the A646 ...less than 50miles if I remember rightly
  16. Re: Snake pass it is then.

    15 minute drive for me, if the traffics bad :)

    I usually wait until it's dark to come back along the Woodhead. Very few if any lorries to hold you up for once, bliss :)
  17. No roadwords on Woodhead route (there were some at the weekend but now finished thank god), but its a Man Utd game tonight so expect congestion, and anything that even slightly upsets traffic at Mottram will produce huge queues.

    There are 50 limits for about 15 miles on M62, but then it's fine, went through on Sunday and made good progress despite limits.

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