Who is doing business for Barnsley?

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  1. Not another political thread. Seriously though, we probably need about ten players in the close season including loanees, and I'm scanning the press and the boards and hearing the rumours, but I can't see who is doing the business for us. We lost players last season because we weren't quick enough and I can't see who we have who can make a signing if it's offered. Are we going to be content with the leftovers from the market?
  2. Ask who ever signed our offer for Stevie Mallan when it was embarrassingly sent to a fans forum. I'm sure they'll tell you.
  3. David Dickinson.
  4. Johnny X the invisible striker from Viz.

    Shakin Stevens to sign imminently.
  5. Emergency loan signing of Dutch striker Den Tist imminent as we're looking a bit toothless up front. Hi Whitey.
  6. Keep up pal. That was so ten days ago. I'm now back up to my full complement.
  7. Maurice I would have thought?
  8. It was stated, after Linton Brown had left, that Maurice has brought in help to do this kind of work.
    So I am sure things are being done, and we are just waiting for a very tanned and relaxed Mr Heckingbottom, to return to work to have his picture taken with a few new faces!
  9. I wish I hadn't took the piss....I've to have root canal done, marvellous
  10. Don Rowing?

    Has he made a return?

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  11. Soz. Been busy.

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