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  1. Why would Winnall want to go now rather than in the summer? I don't get it.
  2. Thanks for another Winnall thread.
  3. 5x salary for one.
  4. He will get that in the summer plus a signing on fee surely.
  5. He could. Then again he coudl break his leg at Fulham. Or do his hamstrings.
  6. The only reason I can see why he would leave for a Sheffield club is that he will be eligible for the Sheffield Stars top scorer award even if finished second a la Billy Blunt.
  7. There are 3 mind boggling fcuked up things about the Winnal rumours:

    1. Selling for £500k is beyond a joke and would return us to the dark days of being shat on by our rivals. £500k is an insult.

    2. Selling to play off rivals is stupid and weak in the extreme.

    3. Selling to Wednesday would be the third huge kick in the balls at a time when optimism and joy has been found again.

    I seriously hope none of the above are realised as any would show utter weakness and lack of nous on behalf of the club, on top being a huge blow to the fans at a time when crowds and support are on the up.

    Think very very carefully, Barnsley FC...
  8. There will be many floating supporters who will see this as a sign that the club really have no ambition.
  9. That and 5x salary. At least.
  10. Who says he's going now,stop wittering on about it and get a life.

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  11. I was going to start a new thread earlier, saying something sarcastic along the lines of "I didn't think we had enough Winnall threads, so I've started another". I decided it might be regarded as childish, so I didn't bother. Now someone starts yet another.
  12. 5 times his current or proposed salary. Not saying your wrong but if we offer him £10k doubt anyone will offer him £50k. Wouldn't blame him going for that.

    He may be offered £15k a week. But he has to decide. What contract will he get in 2 years, in his prime, if he stays at Barnsley and gets 20 goals a season, or moves to a bigger club and doesn't get games.

    His big money move may not be this one... he should think very carefully and imagine he is.
  13. I'm bored of reading about Winnall, bring on Saturday
  14. Current. We won't offer him 10k either.
  15. Won't we? Ok.
  16. That's grammatically incorrect. You mean "...who WOULD see this...". Nothings happened yet, and we don't know whether it will or not.
  17. What's your definition of ambition? Offering our players 20k a week and going bust within 3 years?
  18. I agree, be great when he turns round in the next few days with a 3 year deal at oakwell :D

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