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May 25, 2024 at 6:30 AM
    1. Tru
      Delete my profile please
    2. Jack Tatty
      Jack Tatty
      Hi Andy

      Wish to change my username back to JackTatty please.
    3. Wir
      Wirral Red
      Hi - could you please PM the info on set up?
      With thanks
    4. Wir
      Wirral Red
      Hi - could you please PM the info on set up?
      With thanks
    5. too
      Hi Andy - hoping you can help.

      If I signed up to smooth streams is there any reason it wouldn't work on an iMac? (E.g. Using Firefox or Opera)
      Also, the smooth streams registration process asks for an 'Invitation Key' - What is that and would I be eligible?

      A slightly confused Toontyke
      1. andytyke
        They arnt accepting new members at the moment. Supposedly issuing invites soon. I’ll let you know if still your interested. It works on everything and they allow you to use at 3 separate ip’s on unlimited devices
        Aug 3, 2019
    6. Bri
      Brian Smith
      how do I change my profile name , I have used my own name on here ,but am getting posts on my facebook pages due to this ,
      thanks in advance
      1. andytyke
        I’ll do it what you want it to be
        Nov 23, 2018
    7. red
      Thanks andy I've ordered a android box was abit unsure about smooth streams as it means paying via bit coin and I have never done that before. I tested another iptv host last night ultimate sport on my pc and that worked great thanks for the help
    8. red
      Hi andytyke needing an alternative now cs has.gone you seem quite clued up on these things so looking for some advice. Thinking about signing upto smooth streams would I get the brook fight on it? Also I do not yet have a android box could you recommend a decent one? Thanks
      1. andytyke
        Yeah you would get Brooke fight via smooth streams. As for android boxes, depends what you want to spend. I have amazon tv box but have to use smooth streams via kodi on it because the app doesn't work on it. (Needs google play services) My kids both have a 30 quid android box and they have been great. They are all the same tbh just buy one with the latest android software on
        May 21, 2017
    9. Marlon
      Terry butcher?
    10. Marlon
      Darren Ferguson?
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