Butterfield back pass . goal for hornets

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    Water allergy? Would explain that smell last time I saw thi. :)

    I'll still nominate thi anyway. You can always do one with no water int bucket, in a comedy fashion but donating coin all the same. Sup to thee.
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    Yeah i know Betws very well go a few times a year - its only a 25 min drive away from ours.

    Yeah Beddgelert sounds nice we thought of going about a week ago but because our little boy was in nursery that day we didn't think it wise to go because you can't get a mobile signal there apparently so not much point just incase something happened to him.

    Frank Sinclair (ex Chelsea/Leicester City) manages Colwyn Bay (next club along the coast from Llandudno)

    Ive had to replace Oakwell with Welsh Premier League 'massive club' Bangor look at this for a ground - its brand new too http://www.bangorcityfc.com/club-information/stadium-information (its basically a pitch with a wall round it!) (avg attendance 500) went to a game where there was 8 away fans!

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