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    The other day I received a letter at my address for my daughter, she hasn't lived here for a few years but I occasionally get the odd letter for her mainly marketing. It was from a pet insurance company thanking her for setting up a direct debit with them which she hadn't done, after calling the bank and cancelling it and emailing the company to say it was nothing to do with her she thought that was it. On Saturday I received a large package from a company called the mindful chef for her. After a phone call to them they said the card which was used to pay was Italian and she could keep the package free of charge due to being foodstuff and non returnable...result as there was two packs of minced turkey breast and six denver steaks plus all the other it looks like someone has got her bank details but no credit card details and no current address, they must also have her phone number as she recieved a message about the delivery. Question is this a scam and how does it work if they are sending her free stuff ???

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