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Discussion in 'Bulletin Board ARCHIVE' started by Googs, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Got my brand spanking new Lite-On DVD recorder all connected up yesterday. Its a great machine, but I stumbled upon a major problem that I hope some brainiac off here can help with.

    My Connections;
    TV to Telewest (scart)
    Telewest to DVD Recorder (aerial and scart)

    Ok the problem is that after I had set the timer last night, to tape something off telewest, I switched the power on DVD to standby and then turned off the power to telewest (as program was starting a lot later). But then my TV wouldnt change channels, the screen was black, but the sound of the tv program was still there!

    Any ideas of what is wrong would certainly help.
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    Connect the other way round. Telewest to TV Socket on DVD recorder, DVD Recorder to TV. When the DVD recorder is not being used, the signal from Telewest will loop through. Set all inputs to RGB. You may get the added bonus, of the telewest box being able to control the timer of the DVD recorder.

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